Thursday, June 25, 2015

2:15am and The Moment Of Impact.

There are moments in life where you just can't tell how you are feeling. That moment was so overwhelming or you were too lost to feel that that moment actually happened. And I'm not talking about dreams that you thought actually happened or a weird ass thing happened and you thought it was a dream. No. I'm talking about moments you know happened, you know you were their when it was happening, for real, but they feel like a dream. These are not moment that happen when you get your first kiss, or whatever. They happen when you watch your favourite band live, or when you meet the one person who inspires you, or a celebrity you can completely relate to. They seem surreal and they feel something completely different. 
Most of you would know what I'm talking about and the thing about these moments is that you can, in no way whatsoever, control how they would effect you. You can either feel excited after that, feeling all content that it happened, or you can feel lost, thinking, overthinking everything that happened. You can let the moment sink in as it was, or you can ruin the whole thing byt thinking you could've done things differently.

People always overthink after something has happened that they could have done it differently, enjoyed it more, let it make an impact that you remember. But hey, if you're thinking about that moment after like weeks, then it has made an impact. If you're constantly trying to play it differently in your mind, then it has taught you something, it has made you remember something.

It didn't happen that often but for sometime now, 3 months or so, it has increased. And I'm fucking loving it. Because of this feeling, I keep coming back to the smallest of things. It's funny that even though nothing "important" happened in those moments, I keep coming back to how it all felt like a movie, like I was in a dream. Because of this feeling I've learnt to appreciate and enjoy even the smallest moments to their max. 
I call this feeling "growing up". Not the clich├Ęd being-an-adult growing up or making-into-the-real-world growing up. But the maturation of feelings and the learning how to grow from them growing up.


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