Sunday, May 31, 2015

2:20am and Things That Don't Make Sense Anymore.

I woke up at 2 pm today and the thing is if it wasn't for my tuition, I would've stayed in bed the whole day. I haven't drawn anything for so long and I haven't been on a "discover new songs" night for so long just because I have to do my holidays homework AND my tuition homework. I actually thought that when I join tuitions it would help lift off the pressure of studies, but it just adds to it.

It just sounds so good, right? To stay in bed, warm and cuddled up the whole day without any responsibilities? But I have actually realised most of us take sleep as an excuse to avoid work. See, I have a canvas stand with half a canvas filled with charcoal marks, standing at the edge of my room for about 3 weeks now and I haven't got the urge to complete it. It really bothers me how the amount I paint has reduce so much.  But won't it bother you? That something you're in love with, one thing that actually makes sense in your world, you can't take out time to do that? How can you live your dream when you're feeling this way, huh?

I used to get these urges, urges which felt like a drug, to draw and I never really appreciated them enough. To be honest, I used to get irritated sometimes because I so badly wanted to draw but I couldn't get any ideas. And because of this I used to go for random walks and talk to strangers to get inspirations. It's funny because sometimes I used to get so carried away with these conversations that I used to forget that I'm looking for inspiration. It's so weird to have the same routine everyday now. We always wait for that day that we will change our lives, why can't that be today? or even right now? I heard a song called "Scare away the darkness" by The Passengers (link at the end of blog) today, which perfectly fits what I'm talking about, and even though I'm not a big fan of that kind of songs, I bloody loved it. Not because of the music or anything (except the fact that they was amazing too) but because people these days really need to understand its lyrics. Go listen to it right now. Stop reading. Go listen to it and maybe click another a song in the suggestions list and maybe do that again and again and find new music, music that will make you fall in love with anything and everything.

I don't know if you're still reading but just wanted to say I made this few days back. The thing is, this quote is true and it scares me because none of us think this way.

Anyway, thanks for reading and would love to talk to you if you could relate/liked it.


Scare Away The Darkness by The Passengers


  1. I listened to the song and loved it.
    So here's my problem: I don't have that urge. I have things that make me happy but I don't have the dream, the one thing that everyone talks passionately about. But I am on the lookout, and I will search till I find it. xx

    1. People don't find that thing even till they're 25. Its perfectly okay to not know what you're passionate about when you're young. How old are u btw?