Friday, April 28, 2017

4am and "Let's Just Leave Already"

So it's been more than a year since I last posted anything here. The only reason I'm even thinking of posting is because a lot, and I mean A L O T as happened in the past year, most of which I can't write here. This post is mainly because I'm selfish and I wanna see how many things I've survived this year.

Starting of with school, well, I just gave my finals and hopefully I'm done (we'll see if I pass though). I'm sure I'll miss it in a few months but to be honest I don't feel anything right now. Right now, one of the MANY reasons I'm thankful for my school is because it gave me a solid group of 6 assholes whom I would die for. I think it's because I'm relieved that I don't have to follow a routine which mainly included studying and barely going out. I can very easily say that going through 12th and boards was the toughest thing I've gone through till now. College might be tougher or very easy going, I don't know yet, but I feel super proud that I survived that. "PRO" TIP:  Start a countdown when you start 12th for your last board/entrance and see the days you lived through. Seeing it go from 345 days to 30 would make you feel better if you're having a breakdown.


Moving on, even though 12th has absolutely drained the life out of me, I'm super excited to go to New York for further studies (vv proud to say I'm going to School of Visual Arts #SubtleShowoff). I'll be majoring in illustration. It's not just the fact that I'm going to my dream college that is exciting but also the amount of new places I'll travel and the new people I'll meet. It genuinely feels like a dream though. It still hasn't sunk in that in just 4 months I'll have a complete different set of friends, subjects, room and basically a different life. I'm not gonna say I won't miss this place or the people but right now the excitement is too much to care. I have already made few friends from SVA, WHO ARE COOL AF and I just can't wait to meet them.
Except this, now that school is over and I have 4 months free, I'm travelling a lot as well. I came back from Pune few weeks back (which was bomb s/o to you guys, you know who you are) and I'm leaving for Goa in a couple of hours. I'm also hopefully going to Himachal Pradesh for two separate treks so that would be fun. I'm focusing more on travelling India because this is the only time that I'll get to see my own country. Also, I got my 2nd tattoo in Pune. it's my own design so that makes it more exciting.

If you think about it, I have literally completely changed as a person. My interest are different, my thinking has changed, what I used to think is right or wrong has changed. I don't even recognise the past year me. I have fallen in and out of love and have also come to a conclusion that it's a waste of time (at least for me) and have started hating the concept of marriage. Few people have made me realise that it's completely pointless to have feelings so I just decided I'm not going to. I don't want to generalise, but for me, all this is bullshit because it never works out.

On the lines of being a different person, I've finally gotten comfortable with my body. I'm not fully there yet though but it wont be long. I have grown to love the stretch marks and have started seeing them as a marks of growth and not something that's ugly or unacceptable. I did an artwork related to this for my portfolio (link to the artwork). I  have so many friends who're going through body image issues and I've realised that it's almost impossible to make people positive about their bodies. These kinds of things take time and nobody can really help. It's the person who has to figure it out. For me, it's finally come to an end after almost 6 years.

Knowing me, it's not normal to not mention the new songs/bands I found in the last year. The songs will be in the "music" page. I've fallen in love with the bands Oh Wonder and The 1975. The good thing is that Oh Wonder has just released a new album "Ultralife". I won't say it's their best work but the songs still hit you in the feels. 10/10 would recommend.

This was more of an update on my life and at the end I would like to say I would post more regularly but I can't. Sorry.



  1. Hey Sristi! I just discovered your blog and artwork online. Its really amazing. Congratulations on NYU!
    - Adya, yup its the kid who played Basketball in SPV. XD

    1. Hi!! Thanks alot man but I'm not going to NYU. I'm going to SVA :P