Monday, July 20, 2015

Everything Else is Everything Else.

Things you should definitely pack if you're travelling to a new place(especially mountains):

  • Sleeping bag,
  • Money,
  • Mind open enough to accept changes,
  • Knowing the fact that the people you're about to meet would probably have a very different lifestyle than you and you should be a little considerate and sensitive towards it, 
  • Clothes,according to the weather,
  • The excitement of exploring a new place,
  • Camera, and probably an extra memory card,
  • Desire to make new friends and carry those friends in your camera roll,
  • A little selfish attitude to click as many silly stupid pictures as you want of yourself or your surrounding because you won't come back again for sometime,
  • Knowing you would get scared for the first few days,
  • A notebook to write/draw all your thoughts/emotions in. You probably won't feel the exact same for any other place,
  • Music,
  • Acceptance of the fact that you'd probably get lesser sleep than your daily routine because you wouldn't want to leave the the streets till after midnight,
  • The feeling to not be a tourist but live as a local of that place.
  • If anybody tells you not to go, you should probably go anyway,
  • Other materialistic thing.


  1. I'm on holiday right now, in Italy, where we go up the mountains often, so this list is perfect! How do you always manage that?

    1. I love that you're travelling. You should definitely send me some really amazing pictures on email, please?
      And thank youu so much.


  2. You love mountains, right? If yes then our feelings are mutual. Plus, I love your blog.x

    1. I do love mountains, they just have something about them which no other terrain has.
      And thank you so much.


  3. I would be so done exploring without music! I love exploring with music, makes things interesting!

    1. I love exploring with music sometimes but mostly I like to just listen to the surroundinsurroundings, especially if I'm in a place where the nature speaks for itself. I believe you should take every single bit of the place in you while exploring and listening to music stops you from doing it.
      But it's my opinion...